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AgilBee Be Agile

Cultivating Your Individual and Collective Potential

The economic and social impact of emerging technologies and the globalization challenge the hegemony of companies in a few decades. The company longevity (cf. S&P 500) went from 70 years in the 1950s to less than 15 years in the 2010s. Strategically reinventing its business, its services, its products and its enterprise to continue to exist is becoming a vital necessity. For the next decade, the question that must be asked by the company is therefore not "Am I concerned by the situation?" but rather "how to continue to exist?".

AgilBee offers you a solution with 4 types of services to allow you to live this situation in a positive and progressive way with the acceptance of everybody. These services will provide you with a constructive mindset, tools and frameworks to simplify your processes and make them more relevant to a world in perpetual motion. These 4 services are Coaching, Large Group Facilitation, Training and Workout.

Annonce Spéciale / COVID-19 : Formations ONLINE

Agilbee vous propose pour les prochaines semaines des formations à distance en conservant un contenu de qualité, le mode participatif indispensable à l'apprentissage et bien sûr les Certifications.
De plus vous aurez en main des outils pour favoriser le travail à distance !
Préservons la santé de tous, sans mettre de côté notre apprentissage.


Realizing certified trainings internationally recognized


With more than 400 workshops and games, discovering and learning new concepts, refining your expertise and thinking out of the Box


Coaching the organizations in their transition to Agility.


Facilitating workshops for better decision making.

AgilBee E-Coaching
Agilbee E-Coaching AgilBee E-Caoching and Individual Coaching
AgilBee Education Agile
Agilbee Education Agile AgilBee Education Agile
AgilBee Facilitation Graphique Agile
Agilbee Facilitation Graphique Agile AgilBee Education Agile

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Planning Poker® (Via AMAZON)

Planning Poker® is a deck of 52 cards to facilitate Estimation in Agile/Scrum projects. 4 sets of cards, including : 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 40, 100, ? and Pause.

Pack of 10 Games

Buy 10 games for a better price.
Perfect for multiple or large teams.

Please, contact us by mail for ordering your desks.

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